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Dec 6, 2013 7:00pm PST
discussions about the development of protecting the environment tomorrow but kiely of the pirates before the french is to call upon the opera in to take security into their own hands and this in the very concrete way should be the creation of an african rapid reaction force that has been in discussion for years and the french are really hoping to see it become operational in two thousand and fifteen and all the african leaders have said yes this isn't a bad year but we've heard that story before and the ques is always a question of financing and the means and of training the french have promised that they would train up to twenty thousand african troops every year so they're hoping to get the treatments will show that africa can take matters into its own and to also show that france was intervening in africa and molly recently and just as we speak in the central african republic. it is not for new cool numerous reasons but then in the knesset essentially sorry to the inside the africans to really take matters into their own and by following the example of the french troops or thei
Dec 2, 2013 7:00pm PST
distance bike track and that's i'm not and respectful of the environment. it's destroying jobs because it's putting competition. between all the workers and you know there's only so low that you can. i mean how can we go when they knew and when you are traveling to europe. no one to get the book you the red caps the one that got me quite a lot of support has been a lot of media attention yet the minute i guess to happen on a server because first it's a good me your passion you know that the red cap and b that the media dubbed the pits and unknown and it is these days the night. that's what easter is that people are today off at with texas it's true that the key gauche is true of the window sheets threw up many people in france who have the feeling that they'll always be more and more text than that and they don't see why. and when there are a fair and didn't see out there were huge and it is their use in a good week and after seeing today that it's not the case. you know in france there is about. thorne forty seven percent of the french this is just a person of the different than what
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2